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About SheaBu Natural Cosmetics


My name is Emmanuel. I’m a licensed medical provider in America with years of experience in emergency medicine and dermatologic cases. I would like to tell you about an all-natural beauty product that I created out of my own necessity for something to help with my dry skin. I have always had dry and irritated skin, and nothing ever seems to work. I jokingly tell my mum   I inherited the “bad skin genes”. 

 While in medical training, during surgical rotation, I developed dyshidrotic eczema.  What is that?  Dyshidrotic eczema is a poorly understood raised rash that occurs in the palm and/or the bottom of the foot, believed to be caused by stress or contact allergies. I thought I was experiencing flare ups from the stress, or maybe the surgical scrub liquid. When surgical rotation was done, I kept having this rash. I thought:

“What in the world is happening?”

I was really frustrated.  I visited numerous dermatologists and they all prescribed the same thing.  Topical steroids. I knew there had to be a better way of dealing with this. So, I decided to start making some changes in my daily routines, including searching for much healthier skincare products.

The sad thing is, I could not find any truly organic or natural product. Most of the products out there has a familiar sounding compound filled with artificial or “cooked-in-the-lab” sounding chemicals that are hard to even pronounce, not to mention know what they do.

After years of desperately searching for truly natural skincare products, I remembered growing up there was this commonly use butter that seem to tackle even the roughest: locally-made whipped Shea butter and  I came to the decision to make my own free of added chemicals and ingredients that could possibly do more harm than good.

I traveled to a remote village in the Northern part of Ghana where women have been making unrefined Shea butter for generations. I purchased a small quantity of freshly made Shea butter and like magic, the dyshidrotic eczema improved significantly after less than a week of usage.

After spending months researching, I created a formula that worked best for me and that’s when SheaBu Natural Cosmetics was born. 


NOTE: We do not make any claims our products treat or cure any ailments, but we believe in the benefits of natural ingredients on overall well-being. 


At SheaBu Natural Cosmetics, we are committed to making the best beauty products from unrefined, cold press plant-based oils and butter. We know from experience that artificial fillers and additives serve no health-related purpose. 

When you consider people in "developing" countries regarded as “poor”, they mostly have one thing in common; they seem to rely heavily on nature for food and wellness and they have the most beautiful skin and hair. We at SheaBu Natural Cosmetics made a firm commitment to ensure our products are exactly what we claim they are – TRULY NATURAL AND VEGAN.

Therefore, SheaBu Natural Cosmetics creates products using the most natural and powerful plant-based oils to make the best beauty products. SheaBu Natural Cosmetics uses all-natural, unrefined handmade Shea butter imported from the northern part of Ghana based on fair trade practices. These shea trees (Vitellaria paradoxa) grow on the mineral-rich soils of Ghana (Gold Coast) under natural circumstances without any genetic modification, hence, we can assure the purest oils for your healthy beauty routine. SheaBu Natural Cosmetic products is classified as vegan and non-GMO skincare products because it contains plant-based (Vegan) ingredients including hyaluronic acid for anti-aging and skin wrinkles. We only use eco-certified natural preservatives, leucidal and Amticidal, which are derived from grains through fermentation. No artificial additives or fillers are added.

We put our heart and soul into making our products and we are proud of them. We stand by every product we make knowing we are not making “false” claims just to make money. Also, since our Shea butter is made by women in northern Ghana, we are empowering them to be entrepreneurs by turning this natural, golden oil used by families for generations for everything from food and medicine to aesthetics into a source of income. We are helping to create independent businesswomen; what’s there not to be proud of? We are not giving them periodic charitable donations; we are helping them build a long-term sustainable income. 

So, we say THANK YOU to our loyal customers for your support.  If you are not yet a customer, we hope you will give us a try and join in helping empower women and reward your skin with natural oils.

Thanks for taking the time to read,

Yours truly, 

Emmanuel &Team SheaBu.