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SheaBu Natural Night Face Serum
SheaBu Natural Night Face Serum
SheaBu Natural Night Face Serum

SheaBu Natural Night Face Serum

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SheaBu' Natural Night Face Serum

1 fl oz / 29.6 ml

Made with 100% unrefined Oils for Skin Rejuvenation, youthful glow, stretch out skin to give it smooth tightness, significantly decrease eye puffiness ( eye bags) and wrinkles. 

How To Us

  • Wash face with warm water to open up pore
  • Gently blot face with a clean towel to dry.
  • Apply a small amount under the lower eyelids ( avoid getting into your eyes, wash immediately with cold water and seek medical attention if you experience irritation in the eye)
  • apply small amount to the forehead and cheeks, then spread to cover face. 
  • leave on. 


  • Lavender hydrosol - anti-inflammatory properties, lessens acne and wrinkles.
  • Raw Aloe Vera - skin soothing from acne irritation and dryness.
  • Unrefined Rose Hip Oil - Hydrates, decrease puffiness, moisturizes, minimize pores, skin brightening. 
  • Vegan Hyaluronic acid - Collagen boost and decrease wrinkle and tightens skin
  • Vitamin C - Antioxidant, skin rejuvenation, improves hyper-pigmentation.
  • Niacinamide ( Vitamin B3) - tighten and minimize large pores, tones skin evenly
  • Vitamin E - Antioxidant that support skin cell functioning. 
  • Azelaic acid- Reduce inflammation ( acne)
  • Leucidal - Natural preservative from rice fermentation, inhibits bacteria growth
  • Amticidal - Natural preservative that inhibits growth of  bacteria and fungi.